​Free Range American Bison

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Bison bison

Currently, Buena Vista Ranch offers 1-2 free range bison hunts per year. The hunt takes place in the low grasslands where the old bulls are usually found grazing on the pasture. These hunts may be challenging depending on weather conditions since the hunt takes place in the open area on the ranch. The hunt is done by spot and stalk, or on horseback. Magnum rifles are required for this hunt, unless hunter decides to hunt the bison with bow and arrow.

We will spot several mature bulls before the hunt to have a higher success rate. Buffalo usually cover a lot of ground for grazing purposes which makes them challenging to locate. We will cover a lot of ground and glass until a mature bull is spotted then proceed with the hunt. Shots usually range from 75-250 yds. Mature bulls are usually loners, meaning the old bulls are not herding or breeding. Breeding bulls are with herds from 10-25 cows are not allowed to be hunted. Breeding season is in August through September similar to the Elk breeding season. However, it is best to hunt them in the winter (December through February). 

What to Bring:
Good pair of Binoculars
Cold weather gear (temperature can vary from 20 degrees C to about 80 during the winter)
Hiking boots

​The Hunting package includes:

-4 full days of hunting and 5 nights of lodging
-3 meals per day
-non-alcoholic drinks
-Trophy fee
-Hunting on foot, horseback, truck blind, or spot and stalk
-One observer per hunter
-Hunting tag/permit

 Does not Include:
-Predator, varmint, and upland hunts
-Transportation to the ranch other than from Eagle Pass, TX
-Taxidermy fees
-Alcoholic beverages
     Can be rented at the ranch if desired

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