Hunting Lodge

Welcome to Buena Vista Ranch! We are an authentic Mexican ranch, family-owned and operated for over 4 generations. The ranch covers over 100,000 acres in hunting property and is located 150 miles into Mexico south west from Eagle Pass, TX.

You can choose to hunt with a rifle or a bow, and we’ll provide you with your own guide. Hunting can be done by spot and stock, high-rack, or horseback. We offer many all-inclusive hunting packages that will give you a hunt of a lifetime.

We’ll provide 3 meals per day, snacks and beverages for the hunting trip. After the day of hunting, you’ll come back to the lodge where you can sit by the warm fireplace and share your hunting stories with your family, buddy or your new friends at the ranch.

Buena Vista's Lodge can provide hospitality up to 2 hunters and companions. Lodge provides a living room, dining room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. The owner of the ranch will be on the premises at all times to personally assure you the finest possible hunt.

Ranch and Hunting Information

We currently offer  Big Game hunts on the ranch including: Crooki Mule Deer, Carmen Mountain. White-tail deer, and American Bison all which are free-range. We currently have the #1 ranked non-typical carmen white-tail deer on the books for SCI, as well as the # 4 typical carmen.

Elevation on the ranch starts at 4,600 feet and temperatures range from the high 20's to mid 80's. The ranch is divided into three different types of habitat: low grasslands, desert, and mountainous regions. Bison are most often found grazing on grasslands or on desert type areas which makes them a challenge to hunt. Mule deer are most often found in desert region, and the carmen white-tail deer are found on mountaineos region.

Ground transportation to the ranch, from the Eagle Pass, TX border is included in the hunting package fee. We also offer air service in a single engine cessna from Piedras Negras, Coahuila (Eagle Pass's border) to the ranch round-trip. Only two passengers may travel at a time per-trip on the cessna.

We will also take care and provide all necessary mexican hunting licenses, as well as paperwork for weapon transportation if desired. Our main concern is to provide a hassle free experience, and a hunt of a life-time on Buena Vista Ranch.

Management Program

Rancho Buena Vista has had a management program since 1996. The management program consisted of harvesting no more than 10 trophy bucks per-year on 100,000 acres, which consisted of 5 trophy crooki mule deer, and 5 carmen mountain whitetail deer. This management program has been enforced until present with some slight modifications.

The ranch is currently being managed by a wildlife and fisheries biologist from Texas A&M University, who is working full-time on the ranch. He is in charge of predator control, habitat restoration, water management, wildlife management, and he is also in charge of the hunting business. He'll transport the hunters to the ranch, guide them to a trophy buck, and make sure they have an hunt of a lifetime.

The ranch currently offers 5 trophy mule deer hunts, 5  trophy white tail hunts, and 1 Bison hunt per hunting season. Other hunts such as management bucks, predators, varmints, and upland game are also available on the ranch upon request.

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