The primary habitat of the Carmen mountain whitetail  sub-species is the pinyon-juniper oak associations, which generally start at 4,500 feet in elevation and go's up from there.

Rancho Buena Vista's hunting area will be starting from 4,600 ft up to 8,700 ft up in the carmen mountains. Rut starts Late November, and ends in January, with the peak of the rut being in December. 

What to Bring:

  1. Good pair of Binoculars
  2. Cold weather gear (temperature can vary from 20 degrees C to about 80 during the winter)
  3. Hiking boots

The Hunting package includes

-4 full days of hunting and 5 nights of lodging
-3 meals per day
-non-alcoholic drinks
-Hunting on foot, horseback, truck blind, or spot and stalk
-Hunting tag/permit

 Does not Include:

-Predator, varmint, and upland hunts
-Transportation to the ranch other than from Eagle Pass, TX
-Taxidermy fees
-Alcoholic beverages
     Can be rented at the ranch if desired

Odocoileus virginianus carminis 

​​​[Rancho buena vista]

​Carmen Mountain Whitetail deer

We currently have the #1 ranked non-typical carmen mountain. white-tail deer in SCI (164 6/8's Safari Club International), #3, #6 #8,and #10, as well as the #8 (128 3/8's), #9 and #10  typical carmen mountain whitetail including the #1 hunted with bow.This hunt is carried out on the mountainous region of Buena Vista Ranch, with an extended habitat that mostly includes shrub oak and cedar trees. We harvest 5 mature trophy carmen mtn whitetail bucks per year which average between 95-110 inches. The season for the hunts range from November 20th, through January 20th.​

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